Where to Go

You have the right to seek medical treatment in an emergency room after a sexual assault and have an exam free of charge. You can have someone take you to an emergency room at one of our local hospitals or you can contact law enforcement at 911 and they will assist you in getting to an emergency room. If you need help you can contact the PAVSA crisis line and an advocate will assist you with accessing medical care.

If you go to an emergency room, the hospital will call PAVSA and an advocate and a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) will be contacted to come to the hospital. The SANE is a nurse specifically trained to work with individuals who have been sexually assaulted. While at the hospital, you will get the appropriate medical treatment and will be offered medication to treat any sexually transmitted diseases as well as Plan B to prevent pregnancy.

With your permission the SANE will collect evidence during the examination in case you want to report the assault to law enforcement. This is not something that you have to decide right away and reporting options will be discussed with you at the hospital. Gathering evidence ensures that evidence is collected and retained in case you do want to report the assault.

If you think you have been exploited

PAVSA offers services to individuals who have been commercially sexually exploited or trafficked. If you believe you have been sexually exploited or are in danger of being exploited, contact our crisis line at 218-726-1931 and ask to be connected with someone from PAVSA’s Trafficking Program.

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