Sexual Assault Kit Initiative – SAKI

The Sexual Assault Kit Initiative or SAKI is a collaboration between PAVSA, the Duluth Police Department, and the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office. The purpose of the project is the elimination of the backlog of un-submitted sexual assault kits held by the Duluth Police Department. The project is staffed at the police department by a Site Coordinator, a Victim Advocate, and an Investigator. A designated county prosecutor is assigned to any SAKI cases that are referred for prosecution. A sixteen member Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) representing seven agencies provides oversight. If you are interested in learning more about SAKI, contact Mary Faulkner, Site Coordinator at 218/730-5452.

An important component of the SAKI project is the Betty Skye Line which was developed to help victim-survivors connect with an advocate that can help them navigate through the criminal justice process. All information shared with the advocate is confidential. Victim-survivors can contact an Advocate at 218-730-5449 or

Download SAKI FAQ
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