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PAVSA (Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault) is a nonprofit sexual assault agency located in Duluth, MN. PAVSA provides services and programs throughout Southern St. Louis County. PAVSA’s mission is to work towards the elimination of sexual violence by providing services to victims, educating the community and advocating for social change. PAVSA offers a variety of services that empower victims of all genders to heal from the trauma of sexual violence. PAVSA can be reached at any time through our 24 hour crisis line: 218-726-1931

Designed to help people succeed during all stages of their experience, PAVSA’s victim services include: immediate crisis intervention on a 24-hour crisis line, specially trained medical personnel (SANE program) to assist in emergency medical care, short- and long-term individual counseling services with a specialized counseling staff, sexual assault therapeutic support groups to gain support amongst peers, and advocacy to assist people with the medical, legal, and personal ramifications of sexual violence. PAVSA services are free and confidential. All are welcome.