Employment Opportunities

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Position

Participating Hospitals: Essentia Hospital – Duluth, MN; St. Luke’s Hospital – Duluth, MN; Essentia Hospital – Superior, WI; Lake View Memorial Hospital – Two Harbors, MN;

Desired Qualifications: 1 year experience as an RN and/or prior SANE, Emergency or OB/GYN experience.

Certification: Registered Nurse (current Minnesota license) and liability insurance

Required Training: 40 Hour Adult/Adolescent IAFN approved Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Training at time of hire.


  • Pelvic Exams (one w/ model; as many as needed to be competent w/ OB/GYN)
  • Capacity to draw blood
  • Ability to administer medications
  • Skills training provided

Additional Skills Abilities:

  • Self-driven
  • Strong clinical skills
  • Strong interdisciplinary collaboration skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Sensitivity in dealing with victims of sexual assault


  • Supervision team of SANE Coordinator, PAVSA Executive Director and SANE Medical Director and Lead SANE for performance evaluations.
  • Medical Director and Lead SANE for clinical consultation
  • Daily supervision and administration of program by the SANE Coordinator


  • $400/exam
  • $75 Stipend for mandatory monthly 2.5 hour team meetings
  • $30/hour for mandatory skills training and hospital orientation
  • $5.00/hour on-call pay weekday; $10.00/hour on-call pay weekend

*Liability insurance reimbursed with an average of 72 hours of monthly on-call availability a year; reimbursed 6 months after employment start


  • 72 hours of availability per month on-call; SANE Coordinator will arrange schedules
  • Requirement of one holiday shift per year; one weekend shift per month. All extended unavailability (more than 5 days in a row) must be submitted to SANE Coordinator in advance.

On-Call Expectations:

  • Immediate response to PAVSA office or answering service when a call comes in.
  • 45/60 minute response time to hospital
  • Carry a cell phone when on-call
The PAVSA SANE Program is currently accepting resumes and/or CVs for Adolescent/Adult SANE Nurses. Please send this along with a cover letter to EmWesterlund@pavsa.org.
*Trained Adolescent/Adult SANE RNs preferred. For SANE training opportunities, please go to https://www.pavsa.org/our-programs/